Best Of Tours Limited will be here in after referred to as “BOT” and the buyer will be called "Client".

1. Conclusion of the contract and services provided

All reservations must be confirmed in writing.
The extent of the services provided by BOT is limited to the description of these services in the confirmation of reservation sent by BOT. Any amendments or additions to these services require a written confirmation by BOT to be applicable.
BOT reserves the right to forward any unexpected price increase to the Client such as increase of VAT or increases applied by suppliers and to increase the contracted price as a result.

2. Payment

To secure a booking, a refundable deposit of 25% is required within 10 days after receipt of the confirmation, by bank transfer. The balance must be paid 35 days prior to the date of arrival of the group. The amount to be paid will be in GB pounds sterling, unless otherwise indicated.
These conditions may be amended by BOT depending on the conditions of some suppliers.
BOT reserves the right to cancel any service in case of late payment from the Client and to demand payment of cancellation fees.
Travel documents and vouchers will be sent only after receipt of the full payment. The Client will be held responsible for any consequences or damages resulting from the late receipt of these documents, due to delays in payment.
BOT is responsible for charges levied by its bank, when receiving payments from the Client. The Client is responsible for charges levied by its bank and corresponding banks or intermediaries when sending payments to BOT.

3. Rooming lists

A provisional room allocation will be required 6 weeks prior to arrival of the group, in order to pass it on to the hotels before the cancellation deadline. The final rooming list must be provided at least 35 days prior to the date of arrival of the group. Amendments or cancellations made less than 35 days before the group's arrival date will not be accepted and a cancellation fee may be applied.

4. Cancellations by the Client*

4.1 Full cancellation of the trip

BOT will charge the following fees for the cancellation of confirmed travel services:

4.2 Partial cancellation

A reduction in the number of rooms of maximum 10% may be made without charges between 35 and 20 days prior to the date of arrival of the group, if it is sent in writing to BOT. Any partial cancellation after this date will result in 100% of cancellation fees. All services that have already been confirmed and/or paid for (ex: theatre tickets etc.) will be charged at 100% in any case.

*BOT reserves the right to amend the above terms according to the terms of some suppliers.

5. Cancellation by BOT

BOT reserves the right to cancel all bookings, if these conditions are not observed by the Client. BOT also reserves the right to cancel a contract in particular if the Client has failed to abide by his obligations concerning another contract of travel service with BOT.

6. Complaints and compensation

In the event of complaints or problems concerning services provided by BOT, it is mandatory to inform BOT immediately, when the group is still travelling, about these problems in order to enable us to investigate and resolve them if possible. If the Client fails to follow this procedure, the right to claim compensation may be affected, because we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to resolve the problem. If the complaint is not resolved during the trip, a formal and detailed report must be addressed to BOT within 5 days after the end of the stay.

Any contract signed with BOT will be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of England.